List of all UDS Programmes


University for Development Studies (UDS) is one of the public tertiary schools in Ghana that offers several programmes and courses. This article covers the list of all UDS programmes for both undergraduates and Postgraduates.

List of all UDS Programmes

Below is the list of UDS programmes for both undergraduates and Postgraduates:


UDS Programmes available for Undergraduates include the following:

1. BA Development Education

2. BEd Agricultural Science

3. BEd Arabic

4. BEd Basic Education

5. BEd Business Studies

6. BEd Early Childhood Care And Education

7. BEd Family And Consumer Science

8. BEd Social Science

9. BSc Agribusiness

10. BSc Agriculture Technology

11. BSc Aquaculture Technology And Fisheries Science

12. BSc Biotechnology And Molecular Biology

13. BSc Community Nutrition

14. BSc Ecotourism And Hospitality Management

15. BSc Environmental Management And Sustainability

16. BSc Family And Consumer Science

17. BSc Fisheries And Aquaculture Technology

18. BSc Food Science And Technology

19. BSc Forest Resource Conservation And Management

20. BSc Health Information Management

21. BSc Medical Imaging Technology

22. BSc Midwifery

23. BSc Nurse Anaesthesia

24. BSc Nurse Practitioner

25. BSc Nursing

26. BSc Paediatric Nursing

27. BSc Physician Assistant

28. BSc Renewable Natural Resources

29. BSc Social Change Communication

30. BSc Veterinary Nursing

31. Certificate In Early Childhood Care And Education

32. Diploma In Agriculture Science Education

33. Diploma In Agriculture Technology

34. Diploma In Basic Education

35. Diploma In Biotechnology And Molecular Biology

36. Diploma In Development Education

37. Diploma In Development Education Studies

38. Diploma In Early Childhood Care And Education

39. Diploma In Family And Consumer Science

40. Diploma In Social Change Communication

41. Doctor Of Medical Laboratory Science

42. Doctor Of Pharmacy

43. MBChB (Medicine)

List of all UDS Programmes


UDS Programmes available for Postgraduates include the following:

1. MA Development Education Studies

2. Master Of Public Health

3. MEd Agricultural Science

4. MEd Educational Management And Planning

5. MEd Measurement And Evaluation

6. MEd Special Education

7. MEd Training And Development

8. MPH Environmental Health

9. MPH Maternal And Child Health

10. MPhil Agricultural Science

11. MPhil Agricultural Science

12. MPhil Biotechnology

13. MPhil Chemical Pathology

14. MPhil Community Health And Development

15. MPhil Development Education Studies

16. MPhil Educational Management And Planning

17. MPhil Fisheries

18. MPhil Fisheries Science

19. MPhil Irrigation And Drainage Engineering

20. MPhil Measurement And Evaluation

21. MPhil Public Health Nutrition

22. MPhil Special Education

23. MPhil Training And Development

24. MSc Biotechnology

25. MSc Community Disaster Resilience Studies

26. MSc Community Health And Development

27. MSc Irrigation And Drainage Engineering

28. MSc Public Health Nutrition

29. Ph.D. Biotechnology

30. Ph.D. Chemical Pathology

31. Ph.D. Development Education Studies

32. Ph.D. Irrigation And Drainage Engineering

33. Postgraduate Diploma In Education

List of all UDS Programmes

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