About Perioperative Nursing Programme in Ghana


Below are the full details of Perioperative Nursing Programme in Ghana. There are a lot of Health Training Institutions in Ghana that offer a wide range of Nursing Programmes.

This article covers the various requirements that will help you gain admission to study any of the Post Basic programmes, specifically the Perioperative Nursing programme.

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About Perioperative Nursing Programme

Perioperative nursing is a nursing speciality that assists patients undergoing surgical or other invasive procedures. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse anaesthetists, surgical technologists, and nurse practitioners collaborate closely with perioperative nurses. They primarily provide preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care in the operating room.

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What does Perioperative Nurses Do?

Operating room nurses, as known are registered nurses (RNs) who work in hospital surgical departments, day-surgery units (also called ambulatory surgery units), clinics, and physicians’ offices.

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Requirements to Study Perioperative Nursing Programme

Perioperative Nursing programme is one of the Post Basic programmes offered in most of the Health Training institutions in Ghana.

These are the requirements you need to know

a. Mandatory one-year Rotation/internship National Service

b. Three years experience in a relevant Basic area or two years’ work experience upon a request from a facility after the internship.

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Qualification Required to Study Perioperative Nursing Programme in Ghana

Registered General Nurse

Registered Mental Nurse

Registered Midwifery

Registered Community Nursing

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The Role of Perioperative Nurses

Perioperative nurses may perform several roles depending on the country they practice in, including circulating, instrument (or scrub) nurse, preoperative (or patient reception) nurse, Post Anaesthetic Care Unit or recovery nurse, registered nurse first assistant (RNFA), and patient educator.

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Perioperative Nursing Salary

Surgical nursing salaries start just under $70,000 for staff nurses in the United States and can increase to well over $100,000 for OR nurses working in advanced clinical and administrative positions.

In the United Kingdom perioperative nurses ranges from £24,907 to £37,890 depending on Agenda for Change pay band and experience.

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How to Study Perioperative Nursing Programme in Ghana

In conclusion, these are the details about Perioperative Nursing Programme in Ghana. For more information on Perioperative Nursing, click here.

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