Steps on How to Check NSS Postings This Year


These are the steps on how to check your NSS Postings. All those who applied for the National Service are to read through the information provided to check the postings. To request for National Service Certificate, personnel are to meet these requirements.

How to Check NSS Postings

Follow these steps to check your postings with the NSS:

1. Go to the NSS Portal –

2. Click on the “Sign in as Personnel to Check Posting” button

3. Fill out the required fields with your User ID (i.e. Email used during registration) and Password

4. Now click on the ”Log In” button.

5. Click on Postings

6. Enter your NSS Number and click on the “Check Postings” button

7. Posting form and letter will appear for printing

8. Print out the posting form and letter

9. Submit the documents to the NSS Regional Office for Registration

Go to the Regional Director of the Health Services (RDHS) for further posting instruction or his/her designated representative. That is, the DDNS in charge of your respective region.

Now, everything about your NSS postings is done.

Steps on How to Check NSS Postings This Year

In conclusion, these are the steps on how to check NSS Postings. For more information on NSS Postings, click here.

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